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Hey lovelies so this is OFFICIALLY my FIRST vlog!!
Excited & nervous for you to see what I typically get up to in a week.

So for those of you that already know me through my instagram channels (Links below) I normally snap, record and upload little 15second videos of some cool events I get invited to, restaurants I review, and my new favourite (probably something black or gold) fashion accessories,

I've FINALLY decided to film what I get up to when doing all the above and show you, so heres my first week of mayhem feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions and hopefully love, and look forward to potentially posting weekly content for you.

Lots of Love Nisha x

My Booshy dog – Dolce (lol)
The amazing Head Chef Gilles
The equality amazing and lovely Head Chef Davide
The lovely Giampaolo
and Nazli

– My Fashion & lifestyle
– Restaurant Reviews & F&B
– My makeup & Beauty loves

I wouldn't have been able to put this vlog together without some amazing music, and wanted to provide you with the artists names and tracks below 😉

1. Ikson – Paradise
2. Dizaro – Into the Jungle
3. Kevin MacLeod – Bushwick Tarantella
4. Political Statement & JMoney – Dizzy
5. Gianluca Pecoraro – Maschere
6. Joakim Karud – Vacation