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Dualit Classic 2 Slice Toaster, Copper-Dualit


Dualit Classic 2 Slice Toaster, Copper-Dualit

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Carefully crafted by hand, the Dualit Classic Toaster gives you toasts that are perfectly brown and beautifully crispy. This Toaster is distinguished by its timeless style and impeccable functionality. Extremely versatile, the Dualit Classic Toaster can be used for the following purposes -To toast 1 or 2 slices of bread to perfection. The Toaster’s mechanical timer lets you select your browning preferencesTo gently thaw frozen bread and prep it for toasting. Its defrost function takes care of thisSince the Classic Toaster features extra wide slots measuring 28 (mm) you can also toast buns and bagelsWith its shiny copper colour, this Classic Toaster will stand strikingly on your countertop. A wise investment for those who take breakfast seriously   Distinct FeaturesThe Classic Toaster is tough, robust and exhibits fine engineering qualityIt facilitates conservation of energy. The Toaster’s control knob gives you the choice of heating either one or both the slotsThe extra ‘winds per square cm’ on the ProHeat® elements ensure that bread is toasted more evenlyThe Classic Toaster comprises extra wide slots that accommodate large items The Toaster’s big and bold ejector lever lets you check bread while toastingIts adjustable rear foot gives the Toaster stability on uneven surfacesWith parts that are replaceable and repairable, the Classic Toaster will go down generations in your family See how the Classic Toaster is wonderfully put together by hand  Absolute brillianceThe Dualit Classic Toaster has won several awards for its stunning design, style and functionality.About Dualit Dualit is driven by the spirit of innovation. Since 1945, the brand has ceaselessly created and invented products for the kitchen. With an excellent range of breakfast and food prep products, Dualit constantly strives to meet its customers’ demands. Dualit products combine reliability, performance, enduring design and are built to last. – Dualit Classic 2 Slice Toaster, Copper

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