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WMF Nuova Latte Macchiato Spoon Set-WMF

WMF Nuova Latte Macchiato Spoon Set-WMF


WMF Nuova Latte Macchiato Spoon Set-WMF

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WMF Nuova Latte Macchiato Spoon Set

Especially designed for tall latte macchiato glasses, this cutlery set makes the experience of consuming coffee rather delightful. The Nuova Latte Macchiato spoons have a wonderful feel right from the shaft to the bowl. They fit beautifully within the contours of the hand. With their interesting look and feel, these Spoons make for fine cutlery to own.About the Nuova Collection Have you ever wondered how to serve asparagus without breaking it, or how to cut and serve cake without making a mess? The Nuova collection provides a fine solution to all your serving predicaments. The collection features special pieces of cutlery for specific requirements. Extremely functional in usage, the tools from the Nuova collection are made of hard-wearing and easy to clean Cromargan®. They’re practical, stylish and timeless in design and maintain their shape well. With their absolute awesomeness and simple elegance, the Nuova serving tools are great for everyday use and special occassions. They will make you wonder why you didn’t reach out for specialist products before.About WMFFor more than 160 years, WMF Germany has been known worldwide for its reliable, versatile and stylish range of products. Consistently awarded prestigious design awards for their cutting-edge and contemporary innovations, WMF continues to inspire the cooking and dining experience.

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Brand: WMF

Product Type: Coffee & Tea > Tea & Coffee Spoons




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