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WMF Basic Oil Spray-WMF


WMF Basic Oil Spray-WMF

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WMF Basic Oil Spray

WMF’s oil spray produces a fine, accurate and uniform mist of oil giving your dishes a delicious aroma. It is great for healthier portioning for grilling, marinating, steaming and flavouring. Made of rust-free Cromargan® 18/10 stainless steel, this oil spray stands out with its impressive design.How to use the oil spray:The oil spray is easy to use – simply unscrew the lid, fill the spray bottle and replace the lid.Direct the nozzle towards the plate or the salad bowl and pump the button a few times to apply the spray.One drizzle is often all you need, especially when adding exquisite fragrances, to give your salad a tasty finishing touch.About WMF For more than 160 years, WMF Germany has been known worldwide for its reliable, versatile and stylish range of products. Consistently awarded prestigious design awards for their cutting-edge and contemporary innovations, WMF continues to inspire the cooking and dining experience.

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Brand: WMF

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