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Joseph Joseph Barwise Cap-collecting Bottle Opener-Joseph Joseph

Joseph Joseph Barwise Cap-collecting Bottle Opener-Joseph Joseph


Joseph Joseph Barwise Cap-collecting Bottle Opener-Joseph Joseph


Joseph Joseph Barwise Cap-collecting Bottle Opener

Joseph Joseph Barwise ™ Cap-Collecting Bottle Opener allows you to quickly and easily remove the lid from the bottle. This universal model, made in a stylish ergonomic design, is suitable for almost all sizes of bottles with lids. Its unique characteristic is a cumulative effect. Bar Wise is a stylish range of bar tools that combines innovative function with intuitive design. Each product in the range has been carefully designed to make opening all types of capped or corked bottles easier and more convenient. When opening several capped bottles in one go, things can get a bit messy with loose caps dropping onto the table and rolling onto the floor. This ingenious design solves this problem by capturing and collecting the caps as they are removed. Simply push the mouth of the opener onto the top of the bottle and then lever off the cap. The cap falls inside the body of the unit ready for disposal later through the hinged base and great for parties and picnics.About Joseph JosephJoseph Joseph started out in 2003 with a simple chopping board and has now become one of the fastest growing companies in the housewares market worldwide. Products from Joseph Joseph engage with their innovative design and captivate with their functional benefits. Joseph Joseph’s ability to blend innovative design, contemporary styling and a distinctive use of colour is unique within the industry. While many brands concentrate on just one of these aspects, Joseph Joseph focuses on the whole user experience – creating products that work beautifully and are a pleasure to have around the home. Joseph Joseph has continuously won accolades and awards for its unique as well as innovative designs. So go ahead and invest in your very own Joseph Joseph product.

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Brand: Joseph Joseph

Product Type: Kitchen Tools > Essential Tools & Gadgets > Can and Jar Openers



Joseph Joseph

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