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Chicago Metallic Cookie Dunker Pan-Chicago Metallic


Chicago Metallic Cookie Dunker Pan-Chicago Metallic

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Chicago Metallic Cookie Dunker Pan

Everyone loves dunking biscuits in a cup of tea or coffee. With Chicago Metallic’s Professional Non-Stick Cookie Dunker Pan you can bake delicious cookies purposely made for dunking. It makes 14 spoon-shaped cookies that you can easily dip in a hot drink.You don’t have to grease this cookie baking tin beforehand. It’s finished with a non-stick coating. This means it releases them quickly, easily and without them breaking. With its heavy-duty construction, you can rely on this cookie tray to deliver superior results, every time.Chicago Metallic is more than 100-year-old brand, built a global reputation as The Baking Experts™, witnessed in the strength of its innovative high-quality products for commercial, professional and home bakers. Chicago Metallic believe serious baking requires serious bakeware.

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Brand: Chicago Metallic

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